Mid-Week Prayer Meeting

On Wednesday nights from 7-8 pm those who feel a burden to pray for the church and community are encouraged to come to the weekly prayer meeting. This is not a Bible study but we do open our time with reading the scriptures and allow the Word of God to form our prayers. We pray for those present at the prayer meeting and also prayer requests that have been turned in on the prayer cards from Sunday morning. Each week we close our time of prayer by praying for our pastor as he has been preparing for the upcoming Sunday message.

Prayer Chain

For those urgent requests that come up during the week anyone in the church is encouraged to call the prayer chain. The prayer chain is started by calling the lead prayer contact found in the weekly bulletin. These requests must come from the person or family involved in the prayer request. Each prayer chain contact carefully writes down the prayer request and in turn contacts the next person on the prayer chain.

Pastors Prayer Partners

A group of men who have entered into the membership covenant with First Baptist Church surround our pastor with daily and weekly prayer. Each Sunday they gather in the pastor’s office to pray during the worship service. They pray for the prayer cards turned into the offering plate that week and they pray for the people and the pastor while the Word of God is being proclaimed.