Meet the Elders

Our Elders are chosen in Accordance with 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. These are men who love the Lord and are seeking to serve Him daily.

Hi! My name is John Wright. My awesome wife’s name is Kimberly and my kids names are Elena, John II, Levi & David. I went to college at The Master’s College where I received a B.S. in Mathematics and became a math teacher for several years in Santa Clarita, California. Then, Kimberly and I moved from California to Dallas, Texas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary where I received my masters of theology (TH.M). Then the family and I moved to northern California to be an associate pastor for four years. Then we packed up again and came here to First Baptist Church of Eaton Rapids so I could be the senior pastor and we are loving it! This church is so great! We are an active family always looking to work out, play soccer, camp, or battle it out with board games. Preaching, praying for, and partnering with God’s people is an absolute joy. To get in touch with pastor John – email: or call the church office at (517) 663-5451
I’m a retired teacher married to the love of my life since 1973. Karen still keeps me properly dressed, organized, encouraged and well fed. We have two sons; one is a university math professor and the other owns a web-development business. Two grandchildren keep us entertained and busy. I’ve always loved the outdoors and still enjoy camping and hiking but no longer fish and hunt like I did when younger. Karen & I love to travel and do a lot of it. I also enjoy photography, writing and biking. I try to be active in the community and have served as a Boy Scout leader, a member of the city Planning Commission and one of the Directors of the Eaton Rapids Education Foundation. God brought me into his kingdom as a child, blessed me with godly parents and great churches, and sustains me day by day. I’m a sometimes reluctant student in his school of life but he continues to put up with me and little by little I’m learning to be more like him. I’ve been involved in church leadership most of my life. I’ve led youth groups, youth ministries, Bible studies, Sunday School classes, choirs, music programs, and small groups. Karen & I moved to Eaton Rapids in 1974 but went to church in Charlotte until the late 80’s. I’ve been an elder here almost from the time we joined and continue to serve on the Council of Elders. Along with others on the Council, I work hard to keep our congregation aligned with God’s will in all we do. I’m an “at-will” employee of the Kingdom, working at God’s pleasure wherever he sees fit. The chance to serve with like-minded men is one of the joys of my life and watching God work among us is truly amazing.
Carleen and I were married in 1965. We are blessed with three sons, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. After I came to the Lord in 1970 Carleen and I were baptized and joined First Baptist in 1971. Since then I have served in a variety of ministries and leadership positions and currently serve as an elder and member of the mission committee. Over the years I have appreciated the churches faithfulness to God’s word as well as to the teaching and preaching of it. Along with my fellow elder’s I count it a privileged responsibility to insure that that faithfulness continues.